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A Visitor's Guide to the Shining Kingdom

A Visitor's Guide to the Shining Kingdom

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The jewel of the continent... The Shining Kingdom draws visitors from all over the known world—mystical mages, wandering warriors, and everything in between.

But every foreign land has its perils and peculiarities. Let the kingdom’s foremost adventurer, Yarden the Wanderer, guide you on a journey through the culture and quirks of his humble homeland.

From the Opal Mountains to the Malachite Forest, city streets to local lore—Yarden’s wise words will enable you to become an expert adventurer of the kingdom in your own right in this special scroll, funded by the Temple of the Keeper of Wonder, and recorded by the scribe of the World of Lasniniar series, Jacquelyn Smith.

Please note: Yarden the Wanderer and the Temple of the Keeper of Wonder in no way claim responsibility for any harm or mishap that befalls visitors of the Shining Kingdom before or after reading this guide—including, but not limited to falling prey to a leshy, or drowning by a rusalka.


A Wanderer's Welcome

Welcome to the Shining Kingdom—the (ahem) ‘jewel’ of the northern continent! (I may be slightly biased in this regard as a Kingdom-born man, myself.)

In all seriousness, the Shining Kingdom is one of the most wondrous and welcoming whereabouts I have ever had the wherewithal to wander, which is certainly saying something, considering my plentiful pilgrimages across various lands to learn the local lore. I am certainly proud to call the Shining Kingdom my home. (At least, during those odd occasions when I am actually in the vicinity to lay down my walking stick and put up my feet.)

Now, I am pleased to share my nuggets of knowledge with you, dear reader—from the deep shadows of the Malachite Forest, to the towering peaks of the Opal Mountains, and all the pleasing places that preside in between. Allow the kingdom’s most well-known wanderer to guide your way on a journey you will not soon forget.

So You Want to Visit the Shining Kingdom

The Shining Kingdom is a peaceful nation. For the most part, foreigners are made quite welcome. If you arrive overland from the west, or make landing at Coral Port by ship from the south, your crossing into the kingdom’s domain should not provoke any pesky problems.

The eastern border however, is another matter.

Those attempting to enter the kingdom across the border shared with the Dharakmeni Empire (especially those traveling parties that include imperial citizens) are generally greeted with close scrutiny. The kingdom has never sought war with the empire—a nation well-known for its duplicity and desires for domination. But the Shining Kingdom has also held firm against the encroaching advance of the empire over the years, until the imperial nobles decided to turn on one another instead.

Many travelers who claim to be refugees, fleeing the wrath of one of the empire’s noble houses have arrived at the kingdom’s eastern border over the years. For the most part, these weary wanderers are what they seem. But spies are not uncommon. As a result, travelers arriving from the east generally receive a much colder welcome, unless they are kingdom-born.

Wanderer’s Warning:

Openly attempting to enter the Shining Kingdom from the eastern border as an imperial citizen can have critical consequences, including interrogation and imprisonment. Traveling under some kind of disguise or under the cover of darkness might be preferable (especially since the guards on the Dharakmeni side of the border will be reluctant to let you leave if you are a local seeking a means of escape).

The kingdom guards stationed on the eastern border are the warrior descendants of those who helped to keep the empire’s previous attempts of invasion at bay. Bribery is not recommended.

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