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The Vow: A Legends of Lasniniar Short

The Vow: A Legends of Lasniniar Short

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Nimrilwyn swims the seas of Ralvaniar—a respected member of the Folk.

...One of the few who takes an interest in the land-dwelling elves.

None of the Folk understand her friendship with them. Why bother to form a bond with those who can never know life beneath the waves?

But Nimrilwyn values her unusual friendships. She prides herself on her loyalty. Even to those not of her own kind.

...No matter the cost.

Visit the sprawling past of the Legends of Lasniniar series in this stand-alone fantasy story. (Previously published as “Legends of Lasniniar: The Vow.” This adventure takes place before the World of Lasniniar novel Light Chasers.)


“Is this visit necessary?” Rallavalan asked in the language of the Sea Folk.

Nimrilwyn had lost count of how many times he had already asked the same question during their swim to Arindaria. She gave her blue-scaled flukes an irritated twitch.

“Yes, it is necessary,” she said, trying to maintain her patience. Rallavalan could be trying at times... “Rasnialfia is my friend, and she has invited me to see her new child. It is only polite that I go.”

Rallavalan’s nose wrinkled. “But she is not one of the Folk.”

“She is still a Sea Elf,” Nimrilwyn said, knowing the argument would mean little to her companion. Although the Sea Elves were close allies of the Folk, Rallavalan had little interest in any land-dwelling creature.

“You are not even fond of babies,” Rallavalan said, unwilling to let the matter drop.

“It does not matter.” Nimrilwyn uttered a frustrated sigh that emerged as a stream of bubbles. No matter what she said, Rallavalan would never understand her bond with Rasnialfia. “You need not accompany me if you do not wish to go.”

Rallavalan sniffed, raising his stubborn chin. “You should not travel unescorted.”

Nimrilwyn resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Rallavalan had been her self-appointed companion for as long as she could remember. She had yet to be able to dissuade him from accompanying her anywhere. She should have known this time would be no exception.

She and Rallavalan traveled beneath the ocean waves, passing schools of fish as they went. The gift of their people allowed them to communicate underwater, but now she chose the path of silence. She had not asked Rallavalan to accompany her on this journey. If he was going to keep complaining, she would send him back to the Reef, where the Folk made their home. Not that he would listen, but perhaps such a reprimand would startle him into silence for once.

She doubted it though.

Despite Rallavalan’s stubbornness and xenophobic tendencies, Nimrilwyn preferred to have him at her side. The oceans of Ralvaniar could be a dangerous place, even for one of the Folk. In addition to the creatures of the deep who hunted and ate living flesh, there were the winged demons that harried the coast. Rallavalan was fierce in battle, and always placed her safety above his own. Even now, he swam beside her with his spear held ready, his eyes scanning the water around them for potential threats. His green hair streamed through the water behind him, looking like a bed of seaweed. The flexing of his green-scaled tail and fluke was fluid and economical with no wasted movement. She hated to admit it, but she did feel safer when Rallavalan was around—not that she couldn’t take care of herself.

The water was becoming shallow. They were nearing Arindaria. The Sea Elves’ island rested just off the western coast of Ralvaniar. Surfacing would be the most dangerous part of their journey. If any winged demons were nearby, she and Rallavalan would be easy prey. She looked for shadows above the surface of the water, but saw nothing. With a nod to Rallavalan, she broke the surface.

The island was not large, and Rasnialfia lived close to the shore. Nimrilwyn raised a conch to her lips and blew. After she had repeated her signal, she swam closer to wait. She rested her upper body on the beach, brushing a stray lock of blue hair behind a pointed ear. She let her tail and fluke bob in the water behind her. Rallavalan joined her with a reluctant sigh. Nimrilwyn suppressed a shiver. The air above the water was frigid.

Several moments later, she spotted Rasnialfia’s long, white hair blowing in the wind in the distance. Nimrilwyn raised her arm to wave. Even with elven eyesight, her friend would have difficulty spotting her. Her blue hair and the dusky skin of her torso made her blend in with the unrelieved darkness of Ralvaniar’s sky. The Sea Elf waved in return and increased her pace. She carried a small bundle in her arms.

“I’m so glad you came!” Rasnialfia said as she approached.

Nimrilwyn smiled. “Of course.” Even though she had been friends with Rasnialfia for years, she still found it difficult to speak the Elven Tongue. It made her feel stilted and awkward.

Rasnialfia held out the bundle for her to see, her face beaming. “This is Valanandir.”

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