Collection: The Kira Brightwell Quick Cases Mystery Series (Shorts)

Kira Brightwell just wants to mind her own business. Maybe go for a run, or hone her MMA skills while blasting some Nine Inch Nails. She never goes looking for trouble.

But somehow, trouble always seems to find her. Usually the missing woman or dead body kind.

...Good thing she knows how to use her wits, as well as her fists.

Dive into the ongoing cases of a clever detective who kicks ass in this fun series of stand-alone shorts. These adventures complement the novels of the Kira Brightwell mystery series. (Earlier titles originally published under the pen name Kat Irwin.)

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Individual titles are listed in chronological order below. For more details on how these stories fit in with the Kira Brightwell novels, visit the Kira Brightwell Resources page.